The Camel Pose | Yoga Poses

Camel Pose is also referred to as Ustrasana as it helps stretch all the muscles of your body in just one simple step. Experts and many research suggest that camel pose helps in treating and preventing problems that are associated with our respiratory, digestive and circulatory system. Many people who have a severe problem of […]

The Bridge Pose | Yoga Poses

Bridge Pos

Bridge pose helps enhance the alertness of your mind, body and soul. It not only helps strengthen your back but also improves your flexibility and opens up your chest thus improving your respiratory system. The posture is quite simple unlike many other yoga poses as it requires you to lie down on your back in […]

The Awkward Pose | Yoga Poses

Awkward pose is also known as Utkatasana. Utkatasana also means fierce posture as it is carried out mostly by people who are just starting out at trying different yoga postures. Awkward pose is very easy to carry out as it is done in a standing position. You need to stand on your yoga mat and […]

Bikram Yoga | Half Moon | The Half Moon Series 1

There are 3 poses in the Half Moon series of Bikram Yoga – and today we explore the “Half Moon Pose”. Half moon pose is a yoga pose that is designed specifically to strengthen ankles, abs, spine and even legs. The pose is good for people as it not only helps relieves stress and depression […]

Bikram Yoga | Forward Bend | The Half Moon Series 2

Bikram Yoga | Forward Bend | The Half Moon Series 1 There are 3 poses in the Half Moon series of Bikram Yoga – and today we explore the “Forward Bend”. Forward bend pose is a yoga posture designed specifically to soothe your mind and strengthen your muscles. The posture requires you to bend in […]

Bikram Yoga: Back Bend | Explored

There are 3 poses in the Half Moon series of Bikram Yoga – and today we explore the “Back Bend”. With the Back pend pose the individual has to extend his body backwards in an arch posture. It helps increase and enhance stability by strengthening the muscles that surround our skeleton. The most important principal […]

3 things you never do when practicing yoga

Yoga is a series of few important rules, you can’t perform yoga randomly. You need to follow a few things while you start practicing yoga in your daily routine otherwise you might risk your well-being. At our retreats we have many different level clients, from beginner to expert. The first thing we teach everyone, even […]

3 yoga poses that will help you with a sore back

The lumbar spine or the lower back is where most people will experience pain at some point in their lives. In this hectic world, where people work day and night, spend hours in front of a computer screen or have to do a lot of heavy lifting. It is bound to happen and instead of […]

3 popular yoga poses

There are many different types of yoga poses practiced by yogis all around the world. For beginners, there are few common yoga poses that are very popular while for experienced yogis there are a different set of yoga poses which can be practiced easily. During our yoga retreats in Spain we practice many different poses, […]

Why practicing yoga is good for all ages

Yoga can be performed at any and all ages. It’s just about picking the specific yoga pose that suits your physical ability without injuring yourself. It helps you to age in a better way, keeping your body parts flexible and allowing you to build up proper strength. FOR PREGNANT WOMEN: It helps in reducing the […]