Bikram Yoga | Half Moon | The Half Moon Series 1

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There are 3 poses in the Half Moon series of Bikram Yoga – and today we explore the “Half Moon Pose”.

Half moon pose is a yoga pose that is designed specifically to strengthen ankles, abs, spine and even legs. The pose is good for people as it not only helps relieves stress and depression but it can also increase the chances of fertility along with giving people relief from back pain, menstrual pain, constipation and indigestion.



Click to view the Back Bend Pose and the Forward Bend Pose – the other 2 poses in the Half Moon Series.



Benefits of Half Moon Pose

The half moon pose stretches the entire body which helps people learn how to balance and sustain the dimensions of energy at the same time. Practicing half moon pose on a daily basis has a lot of benefits. Some of the most important ones are as follows:


  1. The lower body becomes strong as the posture focuses entirely on providing strength and stability to ankles, legs, back, glutes and quads.
  2. It helps people learn the art of balancing, which assists in preventing major falls that can lead to permanent damage or a temporary disability.
  3. People who suffer through intense and severe sciatica pain can get rid of it with the help of the half mood pose. Practicing the half moon pose on a daily basis can help soothe any sort of inflammation that might be present at the back.
  4. Half moon pose makes people feel happy and energetic, which enhances the way they respond to different situations in life. They are likely to become more happy and focused in life if they carry out this posture daily.
  5. Women can keep menstrual pain and cramps at bay by incorporating the half moon pose in their daily exercise and yoga routine. It is better to indulge in yoga postures rather than taking medications and pain killers to get rid of the excruciating pain that one experiences during their monthly menstrual cycle.
  6. It also assists in the process of digestion thus preventing problems like indigestion and constipation.


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