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“After searching for the right property we came across ‘Finca del Caballo’ and we instantly knew this was the place for us due to its lush gardens, ideal location and Spanish charm.”

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Peggy is a Jack Russel.  She is small, cute, loves cuddles, and is lightning fast!

Peggy is a very affectionate dog who will curl up on your lap and sleep there all day if she were allowed.

Peggy is also great at Yoga, especially the downward dog, it’s one of her favourites!

The Palms Retreats


Billy is a Labradoodle, and so proud of it too! Billy loves the water and loves to come swimming. He is a trusty and gentle dog that will happily just sit and watch the world go by all day. He is a little lazy too!

Being a labradoodle, Billy knows many clever tricks, but only in return for treats!

The Palms Retreats


If you looked up the definition of Gentle Giant in the dictionary, Ted would be how they describe it.

Ted is an Anatolian Shepherd (Greek Shepherd), but at 50KG, he likes to refer to himself more as a Greek God.

Ted is very cute and loves people, but he forgets how big he is sometimes and likes to think he is a little puppy.

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