The Awkward Pose | Yoga Poses

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Awkward pose is also known as Utkatasana. Utkatasana also means fierce posture as it is carried out mostly by people who are just starting out at trying different yoga postures. Awkward pose is very easy to carry out as it is done in a standing position. You need to stand on your yoga mat and lift your heel upwards slightly. Now extend your arms in the forward direction and bend your knees. Stay in this position for at least 5 to 15 breaths. Your head should also be kept straight.

Benefits of Awkward Pose

Awkward pose is also referred to as the powerful pose mainly because of the numerous benefits it has and the impact it leaves on your body. The benefits of incorporating awkward pose daily in your lifestyle are mentioned below:

  1. It can strengthen and tone up the muscles in your legs.
  2. As the entire body weight is on your hips, therefore it helps in making your hips more flexible and strong.
  3. Many people often have severe cramps after an intense workout, this pose can help ease them out.
  4. Blood circulation is improves especially in your ankles and your knees.
  5. People who have back pain or problems will benefit as the awkward pose helps in creating more space in your lower spine. It also gives strength to your spine thus making the back pain much more bearable as the intensity tends to reduce.
  6. You might feel that your heart rate rises while doing this pose. However, one should not worry about it as this pose helps increase the overall levels of blood circulation in your body.
  7. The posture requires you to look “ahead”, therefore it is beneficial in terms of improving focus and concentration.

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