Bikram Yoga: Back Bend | Explored

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There are 3 poses in the Half Moon series of Bikram Yoga – and today we explore the “Back Bend”.

With the Back pend pose the individual has to extend his body backwards in an arch posture. It helps increase and enhance stability by strengthening the muscles that surround our skeleton. The most important principal to carry out this posture is to make sure that you warm up your body in order to reach back safely. Backbend posture is also considered to be body stretches therefore all parts of the body are considered to get a positive benefit from it.

Benefits of Backbend Pose

1. Practicing backbends on a daily basis can make your spine more flexible. As our spine is in continuous forward and backward motion throughout the day therefore it is extremely essential to restore it back to its original shape. Making your spine more flexible will prevent any sort of serious damage or injury.

2. People who suffer through chronic back or neck pain can get relief from the backbend pose as this posture brings back the natural strength, flexibility, mobility and vibrance to your body.

3. It helps improve breathing as the posture opens up your chest and it can also factors associated with stress and anxiety.

4. It helps stimulate the nervous system as it improves the circulation of blood within the body. The circulation of blood also helps maintain a positive and healthy cardiac health and well-being.

The backbend pose helps prepare the body to deal with all the challenges and difficulties that life throws at you. It assists and trains the body regarding how to remain calm during the most difficult situations. Moreover, it keeps serious diseases and illnesses at bay by improving the pattern if blood circulation within the body. It is a perfect cure to all sorts of problems that one might face in life and that too without any side effects. 



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