3 things you never do when practicing yoga

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Yoga is a series of few important rules, you can’t perform yoga randomly. You need to follow a few things while you start practicing yoga in your daily routine otherwise you might risk your well-being. At our retreats we have many different level clients, from beginner to expert. The first thing we teach everyone, even the experts, are the 3 golden rules below. This way we avoid injury and we make sure the client enjoys their yoga session and want to return.


So today I thought I share them with you, in case you are looking to start practicing yoga at home. Now keep in mind, there’s more to yoga than just these 3 rules, and you would be better off speaking to a yoga expert before you start, but it will give you a bit of an idea on what’s good and what’s not.


Most of us can master the new yoga poses but it is studied by most yogis that beginners push themselves during the entire process in order to achieve instant results. However, this is not true you need to concentrate on your inner self i.e. your mind, body, and soul, doing so allows you to advance your abilities and attain different yoga postures within no time.

It is a myth when people say “You have to be able to touch your toes to start with yoga”. This is not true, in face, some of my more experienced yogis are not very bendy at all!

You don’t need to be flexible, you will become more flexible, but don’t expect to be able to fall into a split after your first session!

Take your time, and you will find, yoga is not about flexibility, it’s about the inner soul, your health and the fact that your muscles will love you more and more after each session!


In order practice, yoga poses in the most effective way, you need to have a present mind without any distractions. Mindfulness is the most important concept while you are practicing yoga, you need to live that moment with full concentration and perform the proper technique. Distractions during yoga result in increased chances of injury. For mastering, yoga poses you need to have a synchronized mind and soul.

So don’t have any TV on in the background, no radios or other distracting items such as phones or tablets that could start beeping at you.

It is true, when you are completely concentrated on this one thing, your mind can finally free itself and focus more on your inner health than the problems it has in the outer world.


While we search the internet for the most famous yogis performing extraordinary poses, we underestimate our bodies that they are not flexible enough. However, this is not true, once you start practicing yoga you need to prioritize over your strength rather than flexibility to attain the most difficult yoga poses. The yoga instructors teach the flexibility to the beginners but along with the emphasis over strength. Strength allows your body to achieve perfect alignment and reduces the chances of injury.

This repeats rule number one, but it is so true it needed repeating. You don’t have to be flexible to become an expert yogi. Just make sure you feel healthy and wonderful after your yoga sessions, then it is mission completed!


If you read the above rules and apply them to your daily yoga sessions then you will most definitely be a better yogi for it.

And remember why you are practicing yoga. To feel better, to open your mind and soul, and to give your body a much needed break. Those muscles are there to be used, so use them and make the most of them!


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