Salt Water Pools

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The benefits of our Salt Water Pool.


A dip in the salt-water pool at our bed and breakfast in Malaga doesn’t have much in common with a
swim in the ocean, but you will agree that it provides a more satisfying mid-morning dip. There’s no
sand to worry about for starters, and the water is always crystal clear.
Contrary to what some believe, the level of salt in a salt-water pool is nowhere near enough to
increase buoyancy, nor does the salt provide any disinfection properties – at least not directly. Don’t
worry though, because the pool water at our bed and breakfast in Malaga is always crystal clear and

Why We Use Salt?

Saltwater pools still require chlorine to disinfect the water, but chlorine is not added directly to the
pool as it is in a traditional chlorine pool. Instead, the salt content provides the source for steady
chlorine production.
The water filtration system at our bed and breakfast in Malaga uses a pump to pass salt water
between charged titanium plates, where electrolysis breaks it down and reforms it into
hypochlorous acid.
It’s the hypochlorous acid that performs the disinfection of the water, and it’s the steady supply of
chlorine from the salt which provides the health benefits of salt water pools.

What are the Health Benefits of Salt Water Pools?

When the chlorine levels fall in traditional pools, the chloramines responsible for itchy eyes and lung
irritation in swimmers build up to unhealthy levels. More chlorine is needed to break the
chloramines down and return the levels to normal.

Salt-water pools avoid the unhealthy build-up of chloramine irritants because there is always a
steady supply of chlorine produced to keep everything in balance. The most significant benefit of
salt-water pools is the lack of side effects typically associated with pools that require regular
monitoring and maintenance of chlorine levels.
Once the hypochlorous acid passes into the water, the salt molecules are free to reform and restart
the process in a continuous cycle. Despite the benefits, it’s essential to know that the salt water
pools at our bed and breakfast in Malaga are not a chemical free system. A continuous supply of
chlorine is still required to break down contaminants.
Additionally chlorine can leave your skin dry and itchy after a swim. Salt water is actually good for
the skin and acts as a natural moisturizer and exfoliate, increasing your skin to retain moisture. And
you definitely need that in the height of summer in Spain!
Ours is environmentally friendly!
At The Palms we love looking after our environment and that was also one of the key factors when
we installed the pool. Our salt water pool runs on solar energy so we are using no electricity to heat
the pool up plus, with the pool being a salt water installation, it requires a lot less (hardly any)
chemicals at all!

So now you know what the benefits of a saltwater pool are, I bet you would like to take a dip to test
it out!
You can use our pool free of charge when you book any of our retreats, so what are you waiting for?
Treat yourself and book your retreat today!

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