3 yoga poses that will help you with a sore back

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The lumbar spine or the lower back is where most people will experience pain at some point in their lives. In this hectic world, where people work day and night, spend hours in front of a computer screen or have to do a lot of heavy lifting. It is bound to happen and instead of taking pain medicine, there’s some very easy yoga poses you can do to relief yourself of this pain. In fact, in some cases, the pain might actually completely go away! Practice these three most common yoga poses that help in getting rid of your painful back for good:


This pose helps in toning down the spine while stimulating the sacral-lumbar area. When we experience long-sitting hours, our lower back flattens down and the result is a painful back. Sphinx pose allows your body to attain the normal lower curvature of your back. For this pose, lay down on the stomach, with feet shoulder-wide apart and elbows pressed underneath the shoulders. If you feel an increased amount of pressure then move the elbows in forwarding direction. Keep holding this pose for 2-3 minutes and relax with your upper body lowering down towards the floor.


It offers proper stretch to the spine with complete extension and flexion. It allows the spine to undergo proper mobility. It also aids in relieving the tension within the lower back region. It allows your spine to attain a neutral position, neither too rounded nor too-arched. Start this pose with all fours on the mat with shoulders placed over wrists and hips placed over the knees. Now inhale and exhale slowly with head faced towards the floor which is the cat posture. Inhale with head lift, chest, and tailbone facing the ceiling which is the cow posture. Hold this position for 2-3 minutes.


Sometimes sore back pain occurs due to the tight calves and hamstrings. The downward facing dog posture allows you to stretch the calves and hamstrings, with relaxed feel over the back of your legs. If you feel extra tightness then you can bend the knees slightly to stay comfortable during this pose. Place your hands on the floor, sit with your knees. Now lift the butts and press back to achieve downward facing dog pose. Slowly stretch and straighten your leg bringing your heels close to the ground.

If you have any dogs, they love to join in on this one, so why not make it a family affair!


Practice these poses regularly to get rid of your back pain and enjoy a healthy life without any discomfort.

If you are not sure about these poses or trying them yourself, you should come to one of our yoga retreats and learn all the basic yoga poses while in a comfortable and relaxed environment.

And remember the 3 golden rules when practicing yoga, so you don’t hurt yourself! Don’t over do it, concentrate & level your expectations!


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