3 popular yoga poses

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There are many different types of yoga poses practiced by yogis all around the world. For beginners, there are few common yoga poses that are very popular while for experienced yogis there are a different set of yoga poses which can be practiced easily.

During our yoga retreats in Spain we practice many different poses, but there’s always the favorites of our clients. We realised, every time we do a class, the majority is asking for these particular 3 so we thought we share them with you here.

These yoga poses are a mix of different yoga levels beginner, intermediate and advanced level.


It is one of the most common yoga poses practiced by all yogis at different levels. It allows you to effectively stretch the entire upper as well as lower body. It affects the stretching capability of the calves, arms, hamstring and back muscles with strengthening effect to the arm muscles, leg muscles along with the abs.

For this pose, you have to attain your posture with all fours on the floor and hands slightly placed in forwarding direction. Now lift your knees from the ground and keep your legs and back straight with body attaining the complete upside-down V-shaped position. Remember to “breath out and relax” to really stretch those muscles to the max!


Also known as head to knee forward bend. This yoga pose is regarded as twist pose. It is highly recommended for beginner and advanced level yogis. For this pose, you have to sit straight with one leg stretched outwards in your front. Now bring your head in approximation with the knee of your stretched leg. It helps in stretching the back, spine, shoulders as well as hamstring. It offers relief from headaches and menstrual discomfort.


Also known as cobra pose, this pose is practiced by the beginner, intermediate and experienced students. It is the most famous backbend pose where it offers complete stretch to the spine and helps in opening up the lungs and chest. It firms your buttocks and offers complete stretch to the shoulders and abdomen. For this pose, lie down over the mat, face facing downwards with legs outstretched. Place the elbows on the sides while slowly lifting the upper body from the floor. Hold this position while inhaling and exhaling slowly to continue to relax and open your heart and lungs even further.


Even though there are thousands of yoga poses out there, we find our clients keep coming back to these 3 popular yoga poses. If you practice these popular yoga postures often you will ultimately enjoy complete flexibility with strength for your entire body.

They should be practiced with other (perhaps a little more difficult?) poses, so you stretch all the muscles in your body, not just the ones that make you feel good!

If you want to learn how to do yoga or you already have experience but would like to top up on your yoga knowledge, why not visit one of our retreats. You will be surrounded by nature and likeminded individuals plus it’s in Spain so you can work on that tan at the same time!



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