The Camel Pose | Yoga Poses

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Camel Pose is also referred to as Ustrasana as it helps stretch all the muscles of your body in just one simple step. Experts and many research suggest that camel pose helps in treating and preventing problems that are associated with our respiratory, digestive and circulatory system. Many people who have a severe problem of constipation can get relief by practicing the camel pose on a daily basis.

In order to carry out the camel pose, one needs to kneel down on the floor and stretch your arms backwards with your hands placed firmly on your heels. Now stretch as much as possible but make sure that your arms are kept straight throughout the procedure.

Benefits of Camel Pose

Just like every yoga posture, camel pose also has numerous benefits. Some of the most important ones are listed below:

  1. It helps prevent the accumulation of fat on thighs.
  2. The entire stretching process helps strengthen the muscles especially your shoulders.
  3. People who have a bad posture can help improve it with the help of camel pose.
  4. It also helps relieve lower back pain by stretching the muscles in your back.
  5. Makes your more flexible and also strengthens your thighs and arms.
  6. Camel pose is perfect for people who have breathing problems as it opens up your chest and improves the respiratory problems that one might be facing.
  7. Improves the chances of fertility as the tension build up in the ovaries is released.

However, many people often find it difficult to kneel on the floor. In such a scenario it is advised by the healthcare professionals and experts that they should try extra padding on their knees if they feel that they are extra sensitive. Extra padding will protect your knees from any sort of serious and long lasting damage.

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