Your First Yoga Retreat; What to Expect

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So there it is, you have finally decided to book your very first yoga retreat! Exciting times ahead!

Regardless if you are an expert at yoga, an intermediate, a beginner or never even so much as attempted a bridge pose – yoga retreats are a great way to start / improve / master the art of yoga.

Most yoga retreats cater for both beginners as well as experienced yogi’s and there will always be 1 or 2 teachers around to help with the more complicated poses. And if you are worried you’re not bendy enough yet – don’t worry! You don’t have to be bendy to do yoga!

So what should you expect on your first yoga retreat? Here’s some insight information from The Palms Spain:

1. Meeting likeminded people

Luckily for you, you have chosen an activity that generally involves people that are not judgemental, that love to love, and enjoy helping others. So even if you feel like you might be the odd one out – you will probably realise very soon that the other people in the retreat will welcome you with open arms and are there to help you.

Yoga is the practice of uniting, so you will find that the other participants will want to connect with you on a deeper level. Everything goes and nothing is “weird” or “awekward (apart from the awkward pose… that one’s awkward…)

2. Daily yoga practices

Apart from the normal morning and afternoon / evening yoga practices, you will have plenty of time to work on your poses together with experienced professionals. Many teachers themselves go to yoga retreats to improve their own poses, so even if your retreat teacher is teaching someone else, other students will be happy to help you perfect that pose for you!

The class of your yoga retreat should also be smaller than the class you might go to back home, so your teacher will be able to give you lots of attention making sure you perfect your pose and reap the most benefits.

Regardless of the level you are, at The Palms Retreats we offer yoga retreats for all levels.

3. Exploring the world

At The Palms we always include a visit to the local waterfalls at “Barranco Blanco”.

There are yoga retreats all over the world, and more popping up every day as it is becoming one of the most popular holiday activities.

Choose a destination that interests you and a retreat that offers daily excursions such as a visit to local waterfalls, caves, go hiking, deep sea diving or even shopping (yes shopping!) in the local towns.

You will generally see more of your destination when you book a yoga retreat than any other package holiday, this is because the people that book yoga retreats are generally more interested in culture and getting to know the local customs.

Equally, yoga retreats often offer many in-house activities such as a pool & gardens to relax in, or workshops throughout the day to improve your wellbeing, learn how to cook healthy food or maybe even getting a massage or treatment.

4. Healthy food

At The Palms we dine together and all meals are included in our retreats. We have an experienced vegan chef that makes the most delicious dishes for our guests!

Most yoga retreats offer an all-inclusive package so you can really make the most of all the goodness that comes with being a pro-yogi. This includes healthy meals and smoothies throughout the day.

Many retreats offer both vegan & vegetarian food. The majority of foods willl be organic and prepared by experienced vegan chefs.

Some retreats offer an alternative “fish” diet, but it is rare to find a yoga retreat that will serve you a full english breakfast with all the trimmings!

5. Disconnect completely

Even though the retreat will probably offer free WiFi and you won’t be disconnected from the world completely, you will probably find, after a day or so, that you are no longer attached to your phone 24/7!

Since there are so many activities to keep you entertained (and sitting there scrolling to your timeline is not a good look!) plus you are unlikely to see other people on their phones all day, you will be less tempted to take your phone out with you and will therefore get a welcome rest from the going-ons in the outside world.

Many yoga retreats don’t have TV’s in the rooms either, encouraging you to engage with the other guests and promoting a better night sleep. 

Apart from these 5 things you can expect during your first yoga retreat, there are many other advantages to going to a yoga retreat (we haven’t even mentioned the fun you will have and the friends you will make!) . You may also have personal reasons you want to go on a yoga holiday! Let us know what you found most beneficial about going to yoga retreats in the comments so you can help others with their decision!

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